I was born in the Caribbean country of Trinidad and Tobago where there is plenty of sunshine, rain, beaches, wild life and an absence of winter. The population is about 1.2 million and consists of people of many different races- Indians, Africans, and a minority of Chinese, American and English. The latter two groups mainly reside in the country for work purposes. Religion includes Hinduism, Islam and different groups of Christianity. The harmonious culture that is influenced by all the different ethnic groups reflects a wide fusion of irresistible mouthwatering foods, religious activities and cultural celebrations. The country’s economy is heavily based on petroleum, natural gas and downstream economy.

I studied at Mausica Teacher’s College, the University of the West Indies and the University of Sheffield. My major areas of qualification are: education including special education, science and literacy studies. I have thirty four years of teaching experience along the continuum from Early Childhood Education to University level. I had the great opportunity to teach students not only in Trinidad and Tobago but also in the United States of America, Kuwait and Australia in all three disciplines of my qualifications. Working and living in the different hemispheres of the planet has opened up a world of adventure with my husband, children and family.

I decided to do a Higher Degree by Research because I still want to make a contribution to my home country. Since 2010 the government of Trinidad and Tobago has provided free laptop computers to all students transitioning from primary schools to secondary schools. To date there is not much empirical data to reflect that any rigorous research was conducted to monitor and evaluate the program. Therefore my research proposes to evaluate this program by conducting a mixed methods research to fill the existing gap. How teachers use technology to advance students’ learning is internationally an important research question.  I explored this through the lens of a validated survey instrument and semi structured interviews.

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